CSE Scholarship Program

The Council of Science Editors (CSE) is a dynamic community of editorial professionals dedicated to the responsible and effective communication of science. Its mission is to serve editorial professionals in the sciences by creating a supportive network for career development, providing educational opportunities, and developing resources for identifying and implementing high-quality editorial practices.

The CSE Scholarship Program supports scientific publishing, editing, and writing professionals with the following benefits:

    • Complimentary registration to the Annual Meeting
    • Complimentary Worldwide Membership for one year
    • Complimentary registration to participate in any one Virtual Short Course
    • A mentor paired through the CSE Mentorship Program

Early career professionals are encouraged to apply, especially those who have been in the industry 0-5 years. Membership in CSE is not required for applying. Those who are selected will be encouraged to join and participate in a CSE Committee and/or contribute an article to Science Editor.

Additionally, qualified applicants not selected for the scholarship may be offered either a complimentary Worldwide Flex membership or 50% off a Worldwide membership. Those selected will be encouraged to join a CSE committee and/or contribute an article to Science Editor.

Know of a deserving scholarship recipient? Provide them with details and encourage them to apply! Applications will be open again in fall 2022. All applications will be reviewed by the CSE Membership Committee.

    • Applicants who thoroughly and clearly address all questions will be scored higher than those who do not.
    • Clarity of ideas and perceived enthusiasm will reflect positively on the candidate.
    • Applicants with specific goals on how CSE will impact their professional growth will be scored higher than those with vague ideas.

Interested in supporting the development of early career professionals? Learn more about sponsorship opportunities here.

Previous CSE Scholarship Recipients


Karen Kinman


Charlene Chuquillanqui, Sarah Frances Gordon, Christine Watt


Simona Fernandes, Kevin Jewett, Nwoko El-shama, Katie Rogers, Kesiah Stoker, Grace Taylor


Amy King, Rosanna Vail, Annie Yueh


Christine Melchione, Anip Joshi, Kayla R. Zehr


Daralynn Pilkie, Karma Tenzin and Nikhil Thangiah


Heather DiAngelis, Andrew Mataya, Farah Qaiser


Rahul K. Arora, Sheryl Vaz, Julie Vo


Brittany White, Mariah Hanley, Rhea Williams


Silvia Elena Buntinx, Kimberly Rosenfield, Erin Russell


Elizabeth Gebhardt, Michelle Liew, Sarah Tipsin


Lohfa Bali Chirdan, Bhawan Singh Gharti Magar

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