DEIA and Peer Review

Peer reviewers play an important role in helping journals implement credible peer-review processes that lead to the dissemination of evidence-based, culturally appropriate, and trustworthy publications. Resources found in this category provide information on ways to implement strategies to overcome inequities built into the peer-review process that result in publishing content that lacks rigor and credibility.

Call to Action to All Surgery Journal Editors For Diversity in the Editorial and Peer Review Process
Because implicit bias reflects unconscious and involuntary thoughts, attitudes, and stereotypes, it is critical to have diverse viewpoints throughout the editorial process, from editorial leaders and board members to peer reviewers. This editorial provides insight into the importance of improving diversity in the editorial and peer-review process to avoid repeatedly prioritizing the viewpoints of a select group of individuals over others.

Diversity and Inclusion in Peer Review at IOP Publishing
Using gender and geographical data between 2014 and 2018 from IOP authors, reviewers, and editorial board members, IOP produced a report that captures the current state of diversity and inclusion in peer review at IOP Publishing.

Diversity in Peer Review: Survey Results
The theme of the 2018 Peer Review Week was diversity and inclusion in peer review. To understand more about how the COPE community views this topic, the COPE Member Services Subcommittee launched a 3-week online Peer Review Diversity Survey during Peer Review Week. Findings from the survey, which consisted of 391 respondents, are presented.

Eight Ways to Tackle Diversity and Inclusion in Peer Review
The Scholarly Kitchen
The lack of diversity and inclusion in scholarly communications is increasingly well-documented. The author of this Scholarly Kitchen article provides practical suggestions for how to tackle diversity and inclusion in peer review.

Embracing the Role of the Reviewer: Developing Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Peer Review Teams
In 2021, SAGE Publishing celebrated Peer Review Week with a focus on “identity in peer review.” SAGE acknowledges that diverse voices, opinions, and perspectives are what makes the peer-review process successful. This webpage provides information on SAGE’s role as a publisher to make representation and scholarship more diverse, equitable, and inclusive. It also includes recommendations to the journal community on ways to diversify journal editorial boards.

Gender Diversity of Editorial Boards and Gender Differences in the Peer Review Process at Six Journals of Ecology and Evolution
This article reports findings from a study examining how the gender diversity of editors and reviewers changed over time for six journals in ecology and evolution (2003–2015 for four journals, 2007–2015 or 2009–2015 for the other two), and how several aspects of the peer-review process differed between female and male editors and reviewers.

Research Culture and Identity in Peer Review
The Royal Society
This blog from the Royal Society examines issues surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusion in the peer-review process, identifies solutions, and offers initiatives, tools, and resources that can assist towards this goal.

The Giant Plan to Track Diversity in Research Journals
Efforts to chart and reduce bias in scholarly publishing include disclosure by authors, reviewers, and editors of their race or ethnicity. This article discusses the efforts of several journals to collect demographic data to better analyze researcher diversity.