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Who should join CSE?

You should join if you are interested in scholarly publishing. Members of CSE serve the scholarly publishing community in their roles as:

Editor-in-Chief – Associate Editor – Section Editor – Managing Editor – Copyeditor – Production Editor – Technical Editor – Publisher – Author – Author’s Editor – Freelancer – Science Writer – Indexer – Abstractor – Information Specialist – Librarian – Graphic Designer – Marketing Specialist – Publishing Systems Operator – Typesetter – Printer – Web/Social Media Editor

Why should you join CSE?

You should join CSE to be a part of a dynamic community of editorial professionals dedicated to the responsible and effective communication of science. 

  • CSE helps you to establish contacts and create a personal network of active professionals with similar responsibilities and interests. 
  • CSE provides you opportunities to be involved in developing and delivering education and training activities for editors-in-chief and editorial staff. 
  • CSE keeps you abreast of new standards, issues, and technologies that affect scientific publication.
  • CSE provides you with opportunities to share your knowledge, experience, ideas, and expertise with fellow CSE members.   

CSE Individual Membership Categories

All CSE memberships are good for one year from January through December.

Worldwide Membership: $215
Membership includes full voting privileges for members anywhere in the world. Worldwide Member benefits include:

Worldwide Flexible Membership: $159

The Worldwide Flexible membership provides incredible value to those eager to connect with CSE despite experiencing a shift in personal, professional, or financial circumstances. This special CSE membership package provides:

Worldwide Student Member: $25
Open to full-time students only; copy of enrollment certificate or student ID required with application form. Enjoy the benefits of a worldwide membership* plus two free webinars per year.
*Student members are not eligible to hold CSE office and will receive online-only access to Science Editor.

Emeritus Member: $85
Available to any member aged 65 years or older and will include all the benefits of Worldwide membership. (Must have been a member of CSE before you can be an Emeritus Member.)

Digital Associate: $75
Digital Associate membership provides online-only access to Science Editor, member discount on webinar registration, access to online resources, and the ability to serve on committees and vote. Digital Associate membership does not provide discounts for the annual meeting or short courses. US residents are ineligible for this membership.

Developing Country Member: $50
Available to any individual who resides in a developing country, as defined by inclusion in Band 1 or Band 2 of the current HINARI list. Membership includes full voting privileges and a subscription to the Science Editor (online-only version).

Group Memberships

Any organization, publication, or society interested in supporting the purposes and mission of the CSE is eligible. Each individual member of the group receives Worldwide Member benefits and discounts, including eligibility to vote, hold office, and serve on CSE committees.

CSE Council Contributor I: $1,040
Includes up to 5 memberships for individuals from the supporting organization.

CSE Council Contributor II: $2,070
Includes up to 6-10 memberships for individuals from the supporting organization.

CSE Council Supporter I: $3,125
Includes up to 11-15 memberships for individuals from the supporting organization.

CSE Council Supporter II: $4,300
Includes up to 16-25 memberships for individuals from the supporting organization.

CSE Council Supporter III: $8,600
Includes up to 25-50 memberships for individuals from the supporting organization.