Wednesday, October 25
Didactic Session 12:30–1:30pm EDT
Workgroup Session 1:45–3:45pm EDT
Partnerships of Institutions and Journals in Scientific Integrity Issues: Viewpoints of Research Integrity Officers, Editors, and a Legal Advisor
Promoting and protecting the integrity of the research record is an essential and fundamental goal shared by institutions and journals. While both groups are equally committed to ensuring the reliability of all published data, interactions between the groups may be challenging in the context of research misconduct proceedings. A Working Group composed of senior, experienced US Research Integrity Officers (RIOs), journal editors, and publishing staff held a series of virtual meetings with the goal of improving transparency and collaboration between institutions and journals to better ensure the validity of the research record, allow earlier communications between the two groups, and raise author awareness for how journals manage and report potential research misconduct concerns. Along with RIOS and journal publishers, the panel will include a publication lawyer who will discuss legal risks journals may face during a research misconduct allegation and the need for journals to exercise caution during investigations.

Debbie Parrish, JD, Partner, Parrish Law Offices

Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Ms. Parrish has a background in science and law with a concentration in science law (including research misconduct, regulations, compliance and investigations), health care law, and intellectual property.  She previously worked at the Office of Research Integrity as an attorney and counsels journals, institutions and scientists on matters of research integrity.  She is a frequent speaker on research integrity issues.  She served as an invited panel member on research integrity issues at the National Academy of Sciences.  She participated in the drafting of international white papers on research integrity including the Cooperation and Liaison Between Universities and Editors (hosted by EOMB) and the Council of Scientific Editors Research Integrity Paper.  She is currently pursing her Master’s in Public Health from Johns Hopkins University.  She received her BSE and JD from Duke University.


Lauran Qualkenbush, Senior Director, Research Integrity and Training, Northwestern University

Chicago, IL, USA

Lauran Qualkenbush is the Senior Director for Research Integrity and Training and the Research Integrity Officer at Northwestern University. She is responsible for promoting the responsible conduct and appropriate administration of University research and is involved in Responsible Conduct of Research education across the University and coordination of the University’s RCR plan. She oversees the Office for Research Integrity which responds to allegations of research misconduct as well as other types of research non-compliance and the Office for Research training unit which is involved in the development of comprehensive research-related training. She has been in this role and engaged in RCR and research integrity for over 18 years. Prior to that, Lauran worked as a clinical research coordinator and in Northwestern’s IRB Office. She also is a founding member and the current President of the Association for Research Integrity Officers (ARIO). She has been a teaching RIO for the HHS ORI RIO boot camps and has served on multiple HHS ORI grant review panels.


Christina Bennett, PhD, Assistant Director & Publisher, American Chemical Society

Washington, DC, USA

Christina Bennett, PhD is an Assistant Director and Publisher of Editorial Development at the American Chemical Society. She supports the strategy and direction of ACS’s 80+ journals. Before joining ACS, she served as the Publications Director of Policy in the Publications Division at the American Physiological Society. In that role, she was responsible for analyzing and addressing the ethics concerns that arose in the 16 journals and provided guidance on best practice in publication ethics and policy. Prior to joining the APS, Christina was a post-doctoral fellow at the National Cancer Institute, NIH, Bethesda, Maryland, and taught human physiology as an Adjunct Professor in the Biology Department at American University, Washington, D.C. She received her PhD in Molecular and Integrative Physiology at the University of Michigan and her BS in Biochemistry/Minor in Bioethics at the University of Virginia.


Patricia K (Patty) Baskin, MS, Senior Director, Publications, American Academy of Neurology

Redmond, WA, USA

Patricia K (Patty) Baskin, (MS in Genetics, UC Berkeley; Graduate Technical Writing & Editing Certificate, University of Washington) is Senior Director, Publications at the American Academy of Neurology, where she oversees publication of the five Neurology® journals, along with the CME journal, news tabloid, and patient magazine. Patty worked in genetics research before assuming positions of Executive Editor, Manager of Program Operations, and Managing Editor at various bioscience journals. She is past president of CSE and former EIC of CSE’s Science Editor. She has taught in CSE short courses on publication management, ethics, and DEIA, established editors’ courses in Brazil and South Korea, and has presented at numerous publication meetings in her areas of expertise, including publication ethics and misconduct, authorship, conflict of interest, open access, and DEIA. She represents the Council of Science Editors as a founding member of the Coalition for Diversity in Scholarly Communications (C4DISC).


Moderator: Susan Garfinkel, PhD, Associate Vice President for Research Compliance and Research Integrity Officer, The Ohio State University

Columbus, OH, USA

Dr. Susan Garfinkel is the Associate Vice President for Research Compliance and Research Integrity Officer at The Ohio State University.  In this role, Susan is responsible for developing and leading programs and policies to ensure university compliance with federal, state, and private sponsor requirements and with university policies. Susan also supports and promotes ethical and responsible research practices.

Previously, Susan served as the Director for the Division of Investigative Oversight (DIO), in the U.S. Office of Research Integrity (ORI), responsible for the oversight of national and international research misconduct matters. She is a founding member of the Asian Pacific Research Integrity (APRI) network and is involved in the US Association for Research Integrity Officers (ARIO).