Symposium Session Formats

The Fall Symposium gives everyone the opportunity to learn and share collaboratively. Learn about our formats, didactic sessions and workgroups, to understand how learning will take shape.

Didactic Sessions

Each day will cover two separate topics that will first be presented in didactic sessions. This format will include 2-4 speakers from organizations addressing a specific aspect of the topic, including how they made decisions and lessons learned. Q&A will be included. Information presented will be used as conversation starting points for workgroups immediately following.


After hearing session presentations, attendees will be able to participate in workgroups where they’ll take the conversation further and work together to develop actionable takeaways for their organization. Each workgroup will be facilitated by CSE Program Committee members, and didactic session presenters will also be present. Attendees will learn from each other by sharing their experiences related to the topic, getting additional feedback from others, and coming together on recommended next steps.