Breaking Barriers: Supporting Authorship using Large Language Model
January 25, 2024
11 am - 12:30 pm EST (90 minutes)

This 90-minute webinar will explore the potential of large language model (LLM), focusing on the role they play in supporting authors of diverse backgrounds and abilities. Angela Lauria, the host of The Autistic Culture Podcast and founder of Difference Press™ and Avi Staiman, Founder and CEO of Academic Language Experts & SciWriterAI will discuss the use of LLMs to dismantle barriers, empowering marginalized voices in research. The webinar will underscore the role AI-assisted accessibility plays in fostering a more equitable and diverse scholarly landscape. We encourage participants to come prepared with a research abstract or summary to turn into a lay summary in real time.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the role of AI in promoting inclusivity in publishing.
  2. Consider the potential societal impact of embracing AI to amplify diverse voices.
  3. Identify specific ways in which AI can empower and amplify the voices of marginalized writers.


Dr. Angela Lauria, Author of The Equalizing Quill; Host of The Autistic Culture Podcast

Avi Staiman, Founder & CEO Academic Language Experts & SciWriterAI