Using iThenticate to Publish with Confidence
August 24, 2023
11 am ET/8 am PT
Sponsored by iThenticate

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iThenticate is a text recognition software often used by editors to identify text overlap in the submitted content. The iThenticate report can provide important information on potential plagiarism and text recycling, and contribute to the evaluation of the novelty of the content. This session offers a deep dive into the iThenticate product, covering usage, and best practices. We will cover similarity report generation and tips for report interpretation.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Evaluate an iThenticate similarity report to provide guidance within the parameters of a specific journal
  2. Understand the role of iThenticate in identifying text overlap
  3. Understand the limitations of using iThenticate to identify plagiarism and text recycling
Chris Vescovi, Implementation Consultant, Turnitin
Emilie Gunn, Director, Journals, American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)
About the sponsor:
iThenticate is the premier tool for researchers and professional writers to check their original work for potential plagiarism. With an easy-to-use submission process that checks for similarity against more than 190 million publication documents and a database of 47 billion current and archived web pages, researchers, and institutions can feel confident that their reputations will be protected.